Bestiality Talk membership offers a lot of more features than you get in the free chat. In the member chat you can communicate via voice with other members. If you want to hook up with people you can make your own personal profile.
Bestiality Talk offer many different chatrooms all with their own chat topic. As a member you can join these chatrooms freely and talk about anything you want. You can even make your own chatroom.
If you don't want others to hear what you are talking about you can engage in private chat with anyone in the room. Leave messages to your friends or chat one on one. And if you have a problem with anyone there is always a ignore button.
If you just want to "fool around" you can enter The Yard and play around with your own avatar (icon). Choose normal or avatar mode.
We also offer online games which you can play with other people in the chatroom.

Free Chat Limitations:
  • Access to a limited version of the chat
  • No Voice Communications
  • No Personal Profile
  • No Private Chat
  • No Private Rooms
Member Chat Features:
  • Voice Communications
  • Personal Profile
  • Private Chat
  • Private Rooms
  • No Time Limit
  • Avatars

Become a full member and enjoy all the incredible features of

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